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Will I get another child?

How is everyone? I guess everyone is learning as I am. I have seen the need of sharing my story in this forum. We were having some disagreement with my husband when he unto me and gave me a thougher fight. I receive a serious beating that affected my reproductive organs. The doctor said my ovary was damaged. I dont know if there is anyone who has ever had such a case. Will I get another child?

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I hope you leave him ... You must think about your child and yourself! Have you thought about IVF?


Oh, hun, I'm so so sorry for that! I have to break up, hun, such episode would definitely happen again.. I'm sure people don't change unfortunately.

Even though one of your ovaries is badly damaged there is another one which I hope is capable of producing healthy eggs. What does your DR say? Then you have material you can continue trying with, BUT do change the partner. There is no good of such sircumstances. I'm sure it's even better proceeding being a solo mom than having a cruel monster by your side. Take care, hun, praying for your success.


OMG, what horrible things are happening..I'm so sorry for you!! I bet he's not your Mr Right!

As for ovary damaged. I don't think it might cause the absolute infertility. You still have another healthy one producing good eggs. I'm sure you'll have luck with it, though it may take a bit longer..Don't loose hope, darling, have a good consultation with your dr on the matter. All the best!


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