Hi, everyone

I am so happy to find this community. I am totally new at all this. Really hoping for support. Anyway, I am at the beginning of the road, because after nearly a year of trying, I was told that conceiving may be an issue. Several factors may be the cause.

From my extra pounds to possible hormone disbalance, it is yet to be determined.So, there is a long road ahead of me.

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  • Hi there, welcome! I hope your journey will be easy and quick 😉

  • Thank you for welcoming me!

  • Surely, it is a long road. Were you trying to conceive for a year already? Am I right? What are the reasons? You still do not know? Have you been trying alternative ways of treatment? If so, what and where? If no, do you want to try? Please, specify your needs on this forum. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    Yes, for a year I was, like, no need for worries, it won't happen right away... But then I read that everything that above 9-12 months of trying to get pregnant without result, may be considered as infertility. So, that was the red light for me. At first appointment, I was told that there can various reasons- my weight, thatI need to lose, ASAP, and /or hormonal issues.

    I haven't tried any alternative solution because I still don't know what the problem is. I joined just for support and exchange of opinions. It is always easier when you share troubles.

  • Hi,baby...

    I saw your post ,and something about hormones...Maybe we are on the same page. I am now in first month taking the pill. I should have my estrogen and progesterone in balance. Do you take some pills? And do they cause you any problems? I think that I have mood swings of them,and sometimes really going nuts. It just can be the pressure that I fell ,because I really wanted pregnancy,and I got disappointed from the start. Can you tell me what exams you had,and maybe what therapy,if any ?

  • Hi,thank you for your support!

    I am sure that you just need to relax a little bit. I know that it is not always possible to do that,especially when you want something fro so much.Sometimes expectations and pressure is what is stopping us. For so on,just standard: life habit interview, blood and hormones ,ultrasound ... I was on a pill,but as a contraceptive ,not like the therapy. I did not have any issues... It helped me,really to get my cycle in order. I am still in a grey zone- dont know where to go or what to do.... I wish you patience and successes on your journey

  • Hi there. Sorry to hear that. The most obvious course of action is to tackle each issue. Your weight should be the top priority. Once that is handled, hormones might return to normal. Other issues can also be traced back to being overweight. This can't be done overnight so remain patient. Stay strong.

  • Hey sparkle baby, welcome in the forum. How do you do?If your weight is an issue then you must lose your weight. Control your diet. Have you consulted any doctors or labs for hormone imbalance or their testing? Limit the number of carbs and fats you take daily. Enhance your physical activity. I wish you good luck. Take care.

  • Hi there. You are welcome on this forum. I am also new here. Why don’t you try to lose weight? Yes, it is difficult. However, it is possible. Focus on your diet. Eat healthy food. Avoid junk food. If you lose your weight, your hormonal imbalance issue will also be resolved to some extent.

  • Hi SparkleBaby. Sorry to hear that. Don't lose hope though. Consult a fertility specialist. Figure out how to proceed. From what litte information I have, I think dealing with your weight should a top priority. That will also help with the hormonal balance.

  • Hey SparkleBaby. Sorry to learn that. Try not to lose trust however. Counsel a ripeness pro. Make sense of how to continue. From what little data I have, I figure managing your weight should a best need. That will likewise help with the hormonal adjust.

  • Hello dear. Good luck with your journey. I hope everything goes smoothly. There is only one advise I can give. Stay strong. The road ahead will require a lot of patience. Don't let the setbacks get you don't. Just keep trying.

  • Welcome to the forum sweets. I hope you get all the best advices here and best solutions of your problems. How do you do? I am sorry to hear your problem. Have you consulted any doctor? You must consult at least 3 doctors before taking any decision. Why are you saying about the long journey? You have other options as well. IVF, ICSI, IUI? Why are you not thinking of them? I think you should go or IVF. It’s very effective. Btw since when you are ttc? Please don’t lose hope. Run towards IVF. If it does not work (1% chance) you may then try for Surrogacy. I wish you very best of luck. Take care of your diet and health.

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