" New Imagination towards Infertility "

Hey, Ladies, I am sharing my experience with you all.

Firstly I passed through a donor's egg treatment, but it was costly enough and risky too. Normal doctors and hospitals didn't provide any safety and confirmation regarding this. One clinic which I had consulted in Ukraine was fraud. We failed in the process.

A new Imaginary world ends by my miscarriage.

I especially guide all of you don't get misconception with common doctors try to find best and worthy clinic to get IVF, Donor's Egg treatment.

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  • Hi trupti0126 darling!

    Which clinic did you attend in Ukraine?

  • Hi Trupti. Sorry to hear about your poor experience. Which clinic are you referring to? Your answer could help others stay clear of it. You are so right by the way. The choice of clinic and doctor is so important. One should be very careful whie selecting one. Good luck with your future attempts.

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