Infertility Dynamics

Hi, Here just to share my some feeling for the women who are facing a problem with infertility. infertility mean is it to adapt or go with IVF ?? being a lady it's too difficult to think upon. We consult doctors in Ukraine - almost after 2 3 years of waiting and trying we choose for IVF.

I am undergoing the process, I missed my periods, fortunately, good news indication when we plan for a baby and period missed !!!!!!!!!! I started vomiting and high migraine issues. we went to the Doctor for checking up, they asked us to do Ultrasound in next appointment.

Hope for a good, let's see !!!!!!!

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  • Hello,

    It is good news to read your post. Plenty of women are stressed up with the issue of infertility, yet they do not know what to do or where to run to. Many of them have had their marriages terminated because of the problem. So when we hear one lady confess that she has conceived through assisted reproduction, it tells us that there is hope and so we need not despair but solder own. Now maybe for the benefit of ladies who are facing the problem yet they do not know where to go to, I would like you to assist us in answering a few questions. I know you have had first-hand information and so your responses will be based on facts and could help many women out there get assisted. The first thing I would like to know is how much it costs to have IVF in Ukraine. Here in the US, it’s about $150K so let’s have the Ukraine figures so that ladies out there can have a choice depending on their financial capability. Second, I would like you to shed some light on the procedure in the clinic you went to. For instance how many times should one visit them before the transfer is done, the clinic’s requirements and the mode of payment? Do they allow installment payments? Lastly, please guide us on the procedure of obtaining documents for the newborn baby.

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