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Egg donation from a relative

Hi everyone we got told the bad news over the phone that I have no eggs it was a bit of a shock because we'd signed the papers for IVF to start 😭 we have already been under fertility clinic for two years you would of thought it would of been picked up sooner ? Anyway in the blur of the bad news the consultant said he would make us a appointment to go and discuss other options. The only thing I can think is egg donation? Has anyone used a egg from a sister? Would it get to complicated? Would a stranger be easier? We haven't told anyone yet I'm not ready

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Hiya, not sure what stage you got to... had you down-reg's and stimmed? Or was it a day14ish ovary scan? Or based on hormone testing?

(What have they been doing for 2yrs??!)

I thought about asking a sister, but never discussed with DH... he'd prob not have liked... was not keen on egg or sperm donor.

It is a messy business... lots of potential for difficult feelings later.

Look into how children from donor ivf are now thought best raised.... I.e. full disclosure from a young age... And think about how that would be in your family... I do remenber lots of good literature on one of support groups for this... can look up...


Good luck...xx


Thanks I was on that this morning at 3am it's a good one 👍🏽 they asked us to sign forms for IVF to start, then my notes from hospital hadn't been fully transferred so asked for a blood test and rung up a few days later and said I have as close to zero egg count as you could get and I could spend endless amounts of money on IVF and wouldn't even get a single egg 😩 going to see him to discuss on Tuesday it's been totally unexpected I'm really sad my hospital hadn't picked it up two years ago it's been in my blood results all along 😡


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