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A good day

I'm having a good day! It doesn't happen often but when it does it should be celebrated! Yesterday I decided to start a new patchwork quilt. I hunted out pieces of fabric and put them in my bedroom,

Last night when I woke after my usual nightmare about being injected with petrol and used as a firelighter to burn down the hospital, I switched on the light, and saw beautiful fabrics. Thoughts of fire faded and thoughts of interesting shapes and patterns took over, and I started work. I didn't get much sleep, but who cares. I've worked on it again today, It's looking good.

I'm not dreading the night so much tonight, I can always get up and sew. Iv'e just had a good idea for that difficult corner...

Perhaps all ICU survivors should have a compelling hobby. I know it's not possible when things are too raw, but isn't there something you'd really like to do when you're feeling a bit better? It really is helping me, having something interesting filling my mind.

I don't expect to feel like this every day, but it's great while it lasts.

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Hi Patchworker,

It's great to hear you have found a hoobby that can occupy your mind and give you that feel good factor. I've taken up photography again, something I used to do years ago, I'm very lucky I live next to a nature reserve, so when I'm feeling down I grab the dog and my camera and go out and catch the ever changing seasons, it's a great place to be the peace and tranquility gives me time to think that life could have been so much worse, so I often come home with smile and feeling good. :-)


enjoy the patchworking


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