His Vision is blurry and has terrible anxiety

I feel like it's one battle after another he can walk and now getting better moving his fingers but his vision is still blury and he is always thinking it's back and he's going to die they are now letting him come home next week but I'm scared he will deteriorate when he's home he makes me do everything for him and won't walk I really don't think he's ready but he does and so do the doctors how can you send a patient home who can't walk unaided can't see well can't walk the stairs without 2 rails and is having bad anxiety??? I'm so worried I won't cope but I don't want to say anything and upset him

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I fully understand your anxiety. However I cheated on my tests to get out of hospital. I was on a zimmer and then sticks for over a month when home. I could not get my hands out of the "claw" position for many weeks. My sons got me up stairs on my first day. But I was home and that is what I wanted. Many of the feelings you get once you are faced with the real world from your total attention that you had does make you feel worried if not frightened by the prospect of going home.

He must not give up! He has fought all this way and they would not let you out unless you were on the mend. My short term memory was terrible for 6 months or more I lost hair and had massive groves in my nails. But I am here and happy to be so. I am not 100% and have many problems but try to keep humour and Positive Mental Attitude to the forefront.

Be Well



I remember back to that time, almost 3 years now, I had spent 3 months in ICU, but the worst time for me was the 15 days I spent on a ward, I too just wanted to get home and did all I had to to convince the doctors I was ready, even though I could hardly walk, my lung capacity had dropped to 54% and I had started to develop numbness in my hands, but if I could walk up a flight of stairs they would let me home, from somewhere I found the strength to do it.

For me it was when I got home that the problems started, suddenly I couldn't do the things I used to, my wife used to help me get washed and dressed, cut up my food because I had no strength in my hands, I felt totally useless and a burden on my family, thinking they would have been better off if I hadn't survived, I slipped into a very dark place for about 3 months, taking all my anger and frustration out on them, but they never gave up supporting me through those difficult times, I was lucky I got some psychological help soon after that and now use my experience in a positive way, running a local ICUsteps support group, helping others understand what they are feeling is normal for someone that has been through such a traumatic experience and most of all they are not alone we will always be there to help them.

Best wishes to you both on Jays continued road to recovery.


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It's so hard to be patient with ourselves when we been through I.c.u but only advice I can give you is he feels so frustrated because he can't do what he used to. In time he will get stronger and feel he can get some normality back. When I was recovering I didn't want to do anything or listen or be told to do anything I wanted to do it myself. This is when the support groups come to the help and not just for your husband but you to help you. After two years I have bad days my marriage ended but I go to my meetings and no I have the love and help I need. You will get there but got to walk before he can run Bless you both xxxx


Thank you all for your reply's I'm so grateful for having your support I'm anxious that I'll be able to take good care of him but I know that once he's home I'll figure it out and do the best I can! He has antoxic brain injury due to lack of oxygen but he is walking with a frame talking and his hands are working better he even called me yesterday I nearly cried when I answered the phone! But I just worry for his mental health so I've got in touch with head way and they are going to help so I feel a bit better today... I thank god every day for my husband whatever it takes I'll be there x




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