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Brother In ICU ventilation

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Panicking about my brother

3 weeks today since my brother was brought into hopsital he’s been in icu he had covid. On Friday we were all called in. They said he wasn’t in a good way. This morning update is that he is back on 100 percent oxygen he is still lying on his back. But I’m terrified he isn’t going to make it.

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Hi paris2021

It’s an awful time filled with uncertainty.

Many of us do pull through despite the odds looking considerably unlikely.

Try and remain calmly optimistic instead of unduly pessimistic- hope is essential.

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paris2021 in reply to Sepsur

Thank you I am trying my best x

Hi Paris, It a tough fight as I can attest to, having had to make a similar journey, it’s difficult to remain positive but they will be doing everything they can to help your brother through this. My thoughts are with you and your family and praying for the right outcome for your brother X

Thank you so much x

Sorry to hear that. Will they prone him as that can help improve oxygen?

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paris2021 in reply to Suzyk9

Hello yesterday evening he was down to 65 oxygen and had been proned. Last week he was due to have a trachy but then he got two infections. It’s very up and down x

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Suzyk9 in reply to paris2021

It is very up and down. My husband age 54 with no underlying health conditions (but was a smoker) had Covid in January and was on CPAP for 3 days and then a ventilator for 67 days. He was put on a trial of aspirin to prevent clotting. Eventually he made it and after 4 months in hospital he came home. Whilst on the ventilator he was proned 4 times. He also had infections and in week 5 after he had the tracheostomy put in and had been woken up one of his lungs collapsed and he needed a chest drain so he was sedated and paralysed again. 2 days later spiked a temperature again and his kidneys stopped working for 10 days and was put on haemofiltration. His blood pressure was also very low and needed medication to help maintain it. At that point they told me it wasn’t good and told me they would not resuscitate him if he had a cardiac arrest and put him on a DNAR despite me not being happy with that. However 2 weeks later he pulled through and they woke him up and a week or so later they were able to remove the tracheostomy. So don’t give up and try and keep positive. It was an absolutely awful time. X

I was in the same position last year with Covid. I was on a ventilator and then a trachy. I was sedated for about 4 weeks and in ICU for 10 weeks. I was proned and also given a trial steriod drug. Somehow with the care of the doctors and nurses I recovered. I went to a community hospital for physio for 4 weeks. I still suffer fatigue and have had my first long covid consultation. I am very lucky. I hope your brother responds to the treatment in the same way.

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paris2021 in reply to Marty29

I’m so pleased that you recovered. I am holding onto hope. Can I ask what the trialdrug you were on was? So we’re you on a ventilator for 4 weeks and then a trachy? X wishing you the best in your continued recovery.

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Marty29 in reply to paris2021

I was given dexamethasone. It was trialed on serious covid cases and understand it helped 1 in 8 on ventilators. You should check that with the ICU team . I think proning (turning on the front) helped as well. I was ventilated initially and then had a trachy, and overall sedated for 4 weeks. In total I was in ICU for 10 weeks with Covid before being transfered. I had been ill before with an infection and sepsis prior to Covid. I caught covid in hospital when transfered from ICU to a general ward, so my system was already very weak. I had been in ICU the first time for 4 weeks. During my time in ICU I had very bad ICU delerium and had very vivid nightmares, but now think this helped me stay alive as a lot of the delerium involved fighting for survival in various situations. You can read about delerium on the ICU steps website. Thank you for your good wishes, and hoping your brother responds soon.

I am sorry to hear about your brother. I have been in a similar situation with my brother being unconscious in ICU for other a month. It was pre Covid but it was from flu and sepsis. We were told my brother was going to die as all his organs were failing. We were very lucky that an ECMO machine was available as that allowed his lungs to rest and recover. I know that ICU is a roller coaster of ups and downs. Keeping a diary helped me to note and think of the good days when he got new infections. It might help you too. Remain hopeful was the best advice we were given by one kind consultant when another consultant had brought us to despair with his prognosis. Almost 4 years on my brother has mad a good recovery. I hope yours does too.

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paris2021 in reply to Copse77

Hi, I’m really pleased your brother has made a good recovery. I am wishing the same for mine. I know what you mean about a consultant bringing you to despair with a prognosis as that is what we had on Friday. I felt like she was giving up on him. At the time my brother was too I’ll for a chest X-ray but another consultant was concerned he might have had clots on his lungs so suggested putting him on blood thinners. He then became stable. It’s such a terrifying time and I feel so helpless. I’m trying my best to be strong but I get scared to pick up the phone in case it’s bad news. Has anyone else had that? Xx how did you cope ?

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Marty29 in reply to paris2021

I know the ICU team warned my family to expect the worst on more than one occassion, but they have to do this. However they do not give up with trying to help, so stay positive. I know in my case they did everything possible. I have seen my hospital notes and I had everything available to keep going and eventually pull round.

Hi paris2021, I am so sorry to hear about your brother. My mom was in a similar situation in the ICU for 3 weeks on a ventilator as well due to covid. There were a lot of ups and downs, she was doing well one day and then overnight they had to put her back up to 100% oxygen - she got a secondary infection and started deteriorating fast. Once they found out what type of infection it was and prescribed her the right antibiotics, she took a quick turn in the right direction and was able to get out of the hospital. She is doing great now! I hope your brother turns the corner in the right direction soon - keep the faith. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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paris2021 in reply to GiaFaith

Hello, it is terrifying when they go up to 100 oxygen isn’t it? Especially how quick things change. Last week my brother was meant to have a trachy but he had infections…. That’s amazing about your mum. I am so pleased and I am glad she is doing well now. These stories of hope are helping me x I just feel so alone - thank you x

Hi ParisMy husband went into the hospital on November 1, 2020 and did not come out until November 2, 2021. He was on a ventilator and Trach for 11 months.

He has had a lot of ups and downs, but I am so glad we pushed for the right things for him. They had to use blood thinners in my husband's lungs due to blood clots in his lungs? They will say it's risky, but so is doing nothing? Most of all fight and don't give up. They wanted me to let him go three times and I am so glad I didn't!

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paris2021 in reply to lynnmarr

Hi, I am so sorry you have had to go through that for a year. That sounds so difficult. It is amazing that he is out of hospital - I am so pleased for you both. I am not next of kin so by the time the news filters down to me I am the fourth in the chain - his next of kin is his partner. When we were called in on Friday I said no one is giving up on him, he wouldn’t give up on us and we are not going to give up on him! It makes me feel a little sick knowing that one consultant was just ready to give up and if it wasn’t for the other consultant suggesting blood thinners than who knows what the outcome would be :/

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Sepsur in reply to paris2021

It’s always worth considering a second opinion - a new set of eyes can come up with new strategies. I was proned several times as a last resort BUT it worked.

Finally they battled long enough keeping me alive for me eventually to hold my own. 57 day coma & 90 days in ICU -

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paris2021 in reply to Sepsur

Thats amazing. I hope my brother will be able to recover like you have. 🙂 today update is that he is stable and on 30 percent oxygen and still on tummy. I am praying so hard please can I ask anyone who wishes to to please keep my brother in your thoughts x x x

Hi Paris, I just want to message to keep you positive. My brother was in ICU for 5 weeks (Not with Covid) but there were times I thought the worst.

I saw a lot of people who looked as if they had no chance recover and get out of ICU which to me was miraculous.

My brother is still on his road to recovery (7 months and counting) but keep strong and keep believing.

Thank you 🙏🏻 I hope your brothers recovery continues to go well x

Keep positive I was in there for 6 weeks 5 in a coma ,my family were informed a few times wouldn't make it but I did my oxygen still only 87 8 months on and still have problems but made it keep positive he will come through it too

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paris2021 in reply to Edenderry

Thank you. I hope so much that he will. I am so pleased you came through it x

Basic thing, but demand that the nurses keep his mouth moist experience is that the indescribable thirst made the delirium and agitation worse. Medical opinion holds that this - thirst/delirium/agitation - contributes to the subsequent onset of PTSD, another nightmare. My nurses were unaware of the thirst issue. If nothing else, I hope this simple thing makes him feel more comfortable. Fingers crossed for a good recovery.

Thank you x

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