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No sleep in hospital

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So my dad is currently weaning down with trach on and he’s breathing on his own today with some help of oxygen, so we’re doing good there. But he hasn’t slept in 48 hrs. I know he doesn’t sleep well at night anyway but not this bad. I know sleep schedule can get really messed up being in ICU and things, which he’s not there anymore, but know it can. Theyre going to give him ambien tonight to try and help him sleep. Did any of you have issues with sleep this bad, to go a whole 48 hours???

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I really struggled to sleep in hospital I think my record was about 48 hours as well I began to get a bit delirious around then and they gave me a sedative to make me sleep. It's normal it's a difficult environment to sleep in and you can end up very uncomfortable.

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Thanks for the reply. They gave him some sleep meds last night around 9, so I’m curious to see if he slept any. He actually has went 48 hours one other time as well. We will see!

I didn’t sleep for 3 days - I had to take sleeping tablets. Sleep was a real issue in hospital & ever since ( periodically)

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Ok, so it is quite “normal” to do that in those circumstances then. He still has hospital delirium/psychosis but yesterday when we visited him, it seemed worse. He was so mean to us, I know he doesn’t mean it and can’t help it. It was worse though without sleep for sure. They gave him some Ambien last night, hopefully it worked.

The lighting and environment in ICU are recognised as affecting sleep. I hope your Dad makes a good recovery.

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I’m sure it does, I can’t imagine. He actually was off vent most all day yesterday and did very well, then they put him back on vent to sleep. Thanks so much!

Yep. I found it difficult to sleep. The noises ,the temprature, the general atmosphere. Also I was always woken at times to be given medication, or have my blood pressure or blood sugar levels taken, quite often just as I had gone off to sleep. So this was one of the worst aspects of my experience

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He’s not a great sleeper anyway, but I’m sure this has really messed him up. Hopefully his sleep meds worked last night, the doctor had approved for him to have some. Thanks for the reply!

Yes, the lights and noises, the chatting... even though the staff try to be quiet they have to do their job, and it's really hard for some people.

I really suffered the first week I was in intensive care, and went slightly crazy from lack of sleep. I asked for sleeping tablets but am not sure if I was given any as it is all hazy. Unfortunately in hospital my body got into the habit of not-sleeping as being the norm, and now I struggle somewhat to drop off, even after being home for four months.

Oh wow. I was telling someone else, he already had hospital delirium and the no sleep has made it so much worse. I hope and pray he got some sleep last night! Thanks for the reply!

Good luck. I had two periods of delirium, the first was before my coma and was caused by lack of sleep. The second was after my coma, and caused by medication and oxygen weaning issues, and maybe lack of sleep again too.

Thanks. How long did it last altogether? I’m so ready for him to be back to himself.

Went in an a Tuesday, and was rambling by the Friday afternoon due to lack of sleep. They then moved me to a quieter ICU ward with just one other patient (instead of 6 of us), and by the Sunday I now recall that I was lucid again.

But I don't know if that is because they gave me anything for the Friday and Saturday nights to finally get some sleep.

I had awful trouble sleeping and they ended up giving me Temazepam and long-acting melatonin, because I was just so uncomfortable and tired all the time. Once the trachy sedatives wear off I think you can get rebound insomnia. It was dreadful, but the medications really helped me get a good night's sleep.

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jld85 in reply to holdtheprozac

I’m really hoping that they tell us he slept better last night. He’s starts back with PT today and I know he’ll need to be rested for that. Speech therapy is starting with him today as well, so he’s going to have a big day today.

Fingers crossed for him. Take care xxx

Good to hear your dad is breathing for himself. I was in icu for around 7 weeks, and once I was awake and no longer sedated in any way. I had terrible sleep issues and still do now 15 months on. I was given melatonin a while ago, bug I couldn't get on with it as it made me feel dopey during the day! So now I'm just putting up with it. Having been back at work since easter I'm hoping it will sort itself out.

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jld85 in reply to Sleepalotmore

Thanks! I hope it gets better for you as well!!! It’s rough not being able to sleep, it sure takes a toll on the mind and body! Take care!

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Sleepalotmore in reply to jld85

It certainly does! We take a good night's sleep for granted until you have problems with not being able to sleep.

My wife had a similar problem she was given zopiclone which did help but she’s now gone the other way of sleeping too much

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jld85 in reply to Booby1970

Oh wow. Is she still in the hospital?

Yes she’s had covid pneumonia think she’s got another 3-4 months still

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Oh wow, bless her heart. My dad had the same thing as well. This is his second time on the vent, this time we did a trach. He developed pneumonia again, while still recovering and went septic. This is when he went back on vent and then we did a trach a few days later. He is better now and weaning from trach in a specialty hospital. Also doing different therapies and things to get stronger/better. He hasn’t walked in a couple of months, so hoping he can get strong enough to do that soon!

She’s got underlying health issues though. I gave her a kidney 2 years ago so she’s got issues around this too

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jld85 in reply to Booby1970

Oh wow, I sure hope she recovers soon. Prayers to you all.

HiYes, my husband has experienced this too! He couldn't even sleep with Norco or ambien? It always was right before a infection.

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jld85 in reply to lynnmarr

Oh wow. Hopefully he’s not getting another. But the ambien has helped some, not completely. They were going to try it again last night and if he didn’t sleep well, they were going to switch it up.

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lynnmarr in reply to jld85

They use melatonin to help him sleep too.

My dad was the same , last year he didn’t sleep once he was fully awake from his induced coma for nearly a week literally twenty minutes here and there . Gave him sleeping meds and still no sleep . It’s a worry cos we know sleep is a good way of the body repairing itself but try not to worry too much am sure he will get there . Has he had ICU delirium? Xx

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jld85 in reply to Mccarthy0702

Yes, that’s what worried me most. I know sleep is good for healing. They tried him on ambien and it’s helped some. But I know night before last they said he didn’t sleep well again. He has had delerium actually and they said sometimes older ppl that do, do not do well with ambien. They were going to try it again last night and then if he didn’t sleep well again, they were going to try a different sleep med. He has slept some since the 48 hours he was awake, just not night before last. We will see this morning if he slept last night or not. It’s 4 am here, so not for sure yet, but I’m sure we’ll find out when we go up to see him today.

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