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Dads home after 85 days in hospital with covid , 73 of those ventilated


So proud of my dads determination and positive attitude, hes now home after only 9 days on a ward. He’s three and half stone lighter and very emotional but he’s home . Walking with a stick but telling me he won’t have it much longer . He’s astounded the doctors and nurses with his recovery so far.

After the odds where stacked against him in so many ways and after a lot of setbacks he got there in the end. I believe prayers and positive thoughts go a long way . Please don’t give up on your loved ones while they are still fighting we have to fight with them.

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What a wonderful week for loved ones coming home, I'm delighted to see this. Again how marvellous he is only using a stick . He is inspirational .

My husband has come home nearly 3 stone lighter, I think he has gained several pounds this week with home cooking .

I really agree, positive thoughts helped me and my family through this . Enjoy this precious gift we have been given xx

Fantastic news! Super pleased for you and your family. Wishing you all the very best in his rehab journey X

This is so amazing to hear. I’ve had my dad in the ICU for 20 days. I long for the day I can be with him. But this is such a horrible rollercoaster ride. 💔

It is horrible and you must be strong for him. It is hard but with time things will get better. This group has a lot of post that will give you strength to carry on being strong. Keep the hope x

Thank You! I’m trying.

Keep going you will be amazed at the strength you find to cope with whatever is thrown at you. Hope things get better soon xxx

Thank you! ❤️

Indeed prayers and positive thoughts go a long way. Well done to your dad 😁👍

Was he able to walk when he was discharged from the ward?

Yer he is walking with a stick , he did the stairs yesterday and then the physio discharged him . He’s took a while to get up to bed tonight but he did it , his determination is second to none xz

Wonderful news, so happy for you all!

Wishing your dad all the best xx💜

That’s is such brilliant news, I wish you and your family a straightforward period of rehab.

Our group offers free help when your loved one is ready.

At Monday 11 we have an exercise group aimed at people 6months+ from discharge.

Wednesday 11 we have a gentle yoga class - we held our first one to about 20 people last week - no-one has any experience of yoga - most were sceptical but willing to give it a go - all were won over.

Fri11 - gentler exercise group with newer patients & specifically aimed at Covid patients. Family members are welcome & encouraged. What everyone liked about the yoga is how much it helped with breathing.

We also have a virtual drop-in on Thursday 6.50pm

All of this is done on Zoom ( successfully) and it translates fine.


Or check out our website for everything else we do.

What fantastic news. Well done to your Dad and may he go from strength to strength.

Another homecoming! Great to hear. Well done your dad, here's to his continuing recovery 💪 🙏

Well done that dad! Great news and gave me some positivity for my brother’s future.

My bro is 80 days in ICU today - he is doing well. He has had a trache for the last 4 weeks which they may remove next week and remains on low support ventilation / CPAP and dialysis- but he is getting there. He’s lost 5 stone (some of it needed to go 😀) but once he’s able to eat he will gain some of it back for sure.

I can FaceTIme him most days and it’s great to see him progressing - slowly and steadily. There were times we didn’t think he would make it but he’s such a fighter. All I can say is keep positive - we have the best medical staff and they will do all they can to get people through.

Wishing your dad well on his journey to full recovery.

Mccarthy0702 in reply to RiaJam

Sounds like your brother is moving in the right direction. Dads time on the ventilator seemed never ending .

There is hope for everyone , my dad was touch and go so many time’s .

Positive thoughts do go a long way , wishing your brother a full recovery also xx

Wonderful news! And even better that he’s on his feet walking and has such a determined attitude. Wishing him and your family all the best!

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