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Hi I’m 14 months out of a 3week stay in icu .I went in for surgery 15mins in my lungs collapsed and pneumonia.put in induced coma.came home the day before covid lockdown last year in March. I still can’t get to the end of a sentence without being breathless also walking from a to b. Does anyone else have this?

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Hi I came out 13/3/20 after having gone into hospital the second time round early Dec 19. See my profile. I too went into lock down!

I came out with damaged lungs and an icu cough. This progressively got worse and I too get breathless and everything I do takes so much time. My GP was concerned about my cough and in November ‘20 sent me for an X-ray and a few weeks later for a 🐈 scan. It wasn’t cancer but pulmonary fibrosis So I am now under the care of thoracic medicine who have said they will do everything they can to stop it getting worse. Any way…..


I was probably repairing pretty well 2-3yrs out of ICU, I’d largely got back most of my stamina & being able to breath normally. I’d lost my cough which persisted for a long time - caused in part by a nasal drip.

The leukaemia which put me in ICU then went on the rampage and left me with a pleural effusion which can’t be drained. That is a pain in the arse because I’m fit ( largely) but get out of breath very quickly.

The way I got back as much as possible, was regular exercise with a support group I attend.

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