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Father on full oxygen. Doc says no hope, wants to disconnect. COVID-19

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My father is now on day 18 on a ventilator. He was put down to 70% but then a week later we were told they had to move him back up to 100. Today the doctor called and informed us that his oxygen levels on the ventilator are at max setting and that his colour is not good. The doctor informed us that is now just a matter of time and nothing more can be done. Has anyone had similar experiences with a loved one? I'm at a loss and don't know what to do.

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I remained in a coma for 57 days and in ICU for a further 33 days - everyday in there meant I was critically ill.

Numerous times my o2 requirements changed, often leaping from fairly stable to ultimate requiring full support. My family was told on several occasions that they should come in and say there good byes, I wouldn’t survive the night.

Thankfully I proved everyone wrong.

Hi Jay, only from my experience, my family were informed I would not pass the next 12 hours and here I am against all odds so lets hope and pray your dad shows signs of improvement and starts to turn a corner. Thinking of you all.

Hi. I was on a ventilator for 4 weeks. My family were told I might not make it, but slowly I recovered. I had been turned on my front and also received a steroid drug that helps those seriously ill with covid. I know I was lucky and I am sure the doctors will try all they can to help your dad.

I would say never give the impression you will allow them to disconnect him. Tell them you want full code. I have seen many people come back from the brink. They tell most families they won't make it. You tell them you want everything possible to be done Do not disconnect. Stay firm and strong.

I don't want to give you false hope, but my O2 levels were up and down and at 100% for a while. My husband was told to prepare for the worst, but here I am proving everyone wrong

Tell them put him in a prone bed and admister kamikaze steroid treatment. I was same way last year docs had my wife commented in 2x to say goodbye. Praying for you 🙏

I was told the same about my wife 3 times but she’s pulled through from covid now it’s dealing with the damage left behind

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