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bowel problems after Prolonged period on ICU?


Hello, my 4 year old daughter left ICU in April after a 3 week stay on ventilation following aspirated vomit. She is now home and well but suddenly has bowel trouble. She has been toilet trained for a long time but now it is like her bowels are not working properly as movements are not forming properly leading to a lot of accidents.

I’m just wondering if this could be related to the ICU stay. Is it normal to have problems with digestive system after a prolonged period on ICU?

Many thanks

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Hi glad to hear your daughter out of ICU X and for months I had problems with my bowels I was constipated more than anything I think it's the drugs our bodies are overloaded with I hope it settles soon 😘

I wonder if the antibiotics mess you up to - I’ve used probiotic /live yoghurt & just about to do a length trail of kefir. Hope your daughter keeps improving

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Thank you - that’s a great suggestion I might try the probiotic route. Thank you for the response

It’s my experience e that all the drugs they give u impacts ur whole body! Constipation is a common side effect - drugs slow everything down including GI.. I had no idea just how painful sever constipation really is- I developed colitis - knowing this will happen & not prescribing stool softeners etc that would absolutely help is so irresponsible & cruel.. so sorry to hear ur child is suffering because once again the medical professionals ( not all) are so disconnected to human suffering ..

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