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Waking up from a month long medically induced coma....one year later

So I figured I would share my story,can’t hurt right? First of all let me start by saying that I had severe alcoholism....I couldn’t stop drinking,I drank too feel normal. I got so sick I started hallucinating,couldn’t hold food down,and could barely walk. I had multiple organ failure,pancreatitis,among many other things. In early may I as admitted to the er,put on many meds and kept going downhill. Cravings and my body were so bad I was put on propethol and in a medically induced coma for a month. I was told I almost died a couple times,and barely made it. The hallucinations while in/waking up from the coma are something I won’t care to discuss(bad). I wasn’t waking up well so I had to have a trachaeotomy. I’ve had severe anxiety and depression for a long time,so waking up in that state was a living nightmare. I stayed in the hospital for 2 more months,having to be cleaned into a shower bed and bathed,diapers changed on me,and basically being a prisoner in my own body. I finally got enough strength up and started pt,I was so weak I couldn’t stand...another month elapsed and I finally was able to BARElY walk with a walker. And I was sent home. From there I mustered every bit of strength I had just to make it to the restroom so my parents wouldn’t have to change me in diapers....I’m a 32 year old man. Week after week went by and I got stronger and stronger. Needless to say it has now been one year,I’m walking on my own,depression and anxiety is almost gone,I still have alcohol induced neuropathy pretty bad in my feet,but I almost feel comfortable enough to drive again. I beat this monster,and am getting better everyday! If you’re recovering,or reading this and know someone who is...be strong! You WILL overcome and get your life back! It is not the end of everything you loved,and most importantly,cherish your family!

Take care everyone,and thank you if you have read this far

Eric from California

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Can I please ask you how severe you were? My friend is a similar situation liver and kidney failure they can't keep her platelets up, she had CPR but has since woken up but they have now put her on comfort care saying there is nothing more they can do. They took her off dialysis, no more lab draws. They still have her intubated but said it could possibly be taken out because her breathing has improved but dad won't agree to it. I am praginf for a miracle


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