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Worried Wife

Hello my husband has been in the hospital for three months. He was septic , multiple organ failure , respiratory failure , diagnosed with toxic Mega colon , pneumonia and had a cardiac arrest before his surgery. He was on Ecmo for 3 days. I was told by the doctors he had a 1% chance of making it and survived. He’s come a long way and beat the odds. My concern now is his mental state. He’s confused and is having trouble with memory. The doctor that took over his case seems to think he lost some oxygen during his cardiac arrest. Is there anyone who had a similar experience that regained their memory back in time? He seems to be going back in time instead what’s been going on before he got ill. He’s in rehab now and is relearning to walk again , speech , and occupational therapy. My life has been a nightmare and to think all of this happened from food poisoning is crazy. I’m thankful my husband is still here just would like to know if what he’s going through is normal. Can any educate me on their past experience so I can help him the best I can? Thanks and god bless

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I wasn't put in a coma for the same reasons but I was in mine for about a month .... It took me weeks to make any kind of sense to family and friends and months to remember what I wanted to say I am 4 years on and I fine I do have memory problems . . It's going to take time but he will get better x

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I too went through most of what your husband is experiencing. After waking from coma, I remained very disorientated for almost 3 wks.

My memory is spasmodically poor, so is my balance & coordination. My brain forgets words, methods & that my hand is holding something.

20 months on, much improved and largely back to normal.

Wishing you both well

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My husband came home six weeks ago after nine months in hospital . Twice in ICU. First time nearly six weeks with heart attack, organ failure and a stroke. Second time with sepsis. His health. Is still fragile but he is. Les confused and more settled at home. Short term memory bad but longer term memories mostly in tact.

With a care package four times a day we are managing at home . Still hoping for some more improvement

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since you’ve been home do you feel like your husband has come around ? Did the doctors suspect your husband of oxygen loss when he had a stroke ?


We’ve had some difficult times and he will not make much more progress because of the global weakness and fatigue following his long stay in ICU and the effects of the stroke. At 77 years old it’s a difficult battle. His quality of life is better at home , the confusion is much less. He is eating a little more and watching some tv.

Everyone’s recovery is different . Over the Months I’ve spent with him in ICU, the stroke ward and Rehab I’ve seen some miraculous recoveries especially with younger patients. Don’t give up hope


I was in an induced coma for 2 months. Flu, pneumonia, sepsis, kidney failure, collapsed lung, pulmonary embolisms, seizures, brain swelling and much, much more, all from getting the flu in the middle of chemo.

I was 54 (happened in 2016) and recovery at all was a miracle. I'm having issues with short term memory still and also some balance issues at times. I now struggle with reading, an am (or was) an avid reader. I was fortunate to go to a rehab that allowed me to work as hard as I needed to get better and was able to walk out on my own power. Rehab is important and its a slow process.

Everyone recovers differently, hope is critical. Sending healing thoughts along to you.


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