Critical care unit

The next 2 weeks marks a very odd & weird anniversary it was a dark time I was scared and not looking after my own health as I should have been, I put the need for money & work before my own life & family. I was very ill and after moving around some eventually got admitted into a hospital where I was then pricked, struggling, scanned and eventually forced into a chemically induced coma reliant on machines to take over my breathing I had pipes in every hole, 4x liquid antibiotics & fed n watered by pumps, dozens of sensors everywhere when I came around weeks later but in a critical care bed with very caring 1 to 1 nursing in isolation away from other people, Visitors were in coveralls, masks & gloves and was told I was a miracle to have survived as was only given at most a 5% survival rate. Let it be a reminder that money isn't everything and life is so fragile & precious, I shudder when i realize what i might have lost and left a family without me. NHS done an amazing job and i am pleased to say 1 year on i am very well and healthier but never wealthier.

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  • What were you so sick from? Did you have sepsis?

  • Hi Simon

    Pleased you are now healthy. I can really relate to your post as my 2 year anniversary is next month. I am a new version of me and I’m grateful for every day.

    I wish you a Healthy New Year 2018.

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