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Traumatic brain injury and intensive care


My dad suffered a traumatic brain injury when a forklift fork fell on his head at work. He had a fractured skull, high intercranical pressure due to bleeding. He broke 3 bones in his neck/back.

He has however suffered a number of complications whilst being in hospital for the 16 days so far. His kidneys failed so was on a dialysis machine - he is now off. He developed a chest infection which he has just about got rid off. But now they think he has some form of blood clot or blocked artery in his leg so blood can no longer get to his foot.

We were told today that he may need it amputating and he may not be stable enough to go through with the operation. He has now been off sedation for 2 1/2 days and so far only his facial features has twitched. Today he did manage to open one eye.

I wondered if anyone has any stories of any of the above problems. He is also diabetic and suffered pneumonia earlier in the year. He was highly sedated for 15 days.

Thank you in advance for any advice or miracle stories xx

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So sorry to hear about your father xx everyone's story, experience is different and traumatic me and my husband have both been a coma and his is more similar to your father's he suffered a brain injury and numerous broken bones and this was 12 years ago he was in a coma for six weeks and had to have a metal plate put in his arm whilst in coma they just waited until he was more stable ... When he finally got out of a hospital after 4 months he had to go into a rehabilitation center for six months ... So don't give up hope I am positive they will find a way around this even if it involves putting him back in a coma for a little while longer his body would repair better you and your family make sure you look after yourselves as well he will need your support when he comes around and don't worry if it takes a while the drugs are very powerful to keep us asleep and take a long time to leave our systems x

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My brother spent 8 days in a coma 5 month ago after a traumatic brain injury after. Being attacked , he woke up on Day 9 , keep talking to him my brothers heart rate was always 60/70 whilst in coma soon as I said hello brother it would shoot up to over 100 , his eyes opened the day before he woke up properly but there was nothing there , we are now 5 month down the line and he can’t speak yet we aren’t sure the extent of that we are going to be left with , keep talking to him talk about old times I’m praying for you


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