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Surgical icu nightmare

My husband has conjestive heartfailure i had to call paramedics he was having problems breathing after being sick with common flue. He needed to hav 2 stints they took my husband in for surgery n its been three weeks they had complications his heart wasnt strong enough to pump on its own so they had to put balloon pump in n induced coma put a ventilator in his throat to breath because his lungs were not strong enough to breath on his own. They had taken tube out n he wasnt able to breath on his own so they put ventilator back in. So now they finally got tube out n my husband failed swallow test hes thirsty n hungry nthey hav him tied down like n animal n feeding him threw iv. I wanted to move him to another hospital for second opinion. But they wont let me. I cant stand watching him suffer like this. Im hoping that he begins to swallow. N they hav him on sum phyc meds that r making him crazy what do i do

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Hiya Christie sorry to hear of your husband's ordeal and your anguish. It would be best to ask the nurse in charge to arrange a meeting with the medical team so that you can inform them of your concerns and they can tell you what they have done for him and plan to do for him.

Any ongoing concerns your best bet is probably to contact PALS.

Hope that helps.



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