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ICU Heat


It's now been a year since coming out of ICU and hospital, I'm on the mend but since coming out of hospital I have noticed that I always feel hot, I find during the day and night I feel more comfortable when I have windows open or I'm outside in the fresh air. I was never like this before I went into hospital, It has only happened since coming out.

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I'm 18 months out now and I have found that my internal thermostat seems to have broken, sometimes cold but most often need a fan on to stay cool whilst my wife has to wrap up in a blanket. Its really quite annoying and like you this has happened since coming out.


Yeah, I always ran hot but now I get very cold to the point I have to have the fire on. I'm you're opposite but yes, all since hospital also.

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Its been 5 years since I have been in ICU and I started having 'hot sessions' soon after leaving ICU. Over the years its got so bad that I never went anywhere without at least one towel with me to soak up all the resulting moisture.

I spoke to my GP about this many times and I was told it was my age etc.

I made a list of all my medication I had been put on while in ICU and found out that possible side effects of one of my meds was excessive sweating. I managed to persuade my GP to change this particular medication. My GP was not happy about this but agreed to try a different medication for two weeks. Within a matter of days the difference was amazing, no more sweating sessions lasting all day. Now I only have a 'hot session' when I have hot drink.

My GP was amazed, and needless to say I am delighted. I am now on the new medication permanently and its lovely.

Maybe you need to research your medication for possible side-effects and go back to your GP.

Wishing you all the best.


I occasionally have hot flushes, for no apparent reason. Never had those before, and my meds are the same as pre-ICU. It's a mystery.


I have the same experience. My wife has to change the bed linen all the time. We just got a new mattress and you can see the shape of my body on the old one!!


My hubby spent five weeks last year in icu.

His internal thermostat has gone haywire.

He doesn't get hot but get cold very quickly and sometimes his teeth chatter!!

We now have a lovely electric blanket at night

I'm boiling but he's cosy and he's priority.x


That's odd! I'm completely opposite since the ICU/coma experience my core temperature will suddenly drop for no obvious reason, extra clothing doesn't help, I either have to sit right in front of a fire or heater or get under an electric blanket to get it back up. The cold never bothered me before, I even used to enjoy snow and ice... but now the first sign of snow brings on an anxiety attack... odd.


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