Coma Dreams

Coma Dreams


I'm writing a book about coma dreams and wondered if anyone else would like to share theirs?

Please contact me here, or on my facebook page marmalade.


Charlotte Cooper

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  • Hi Charlotte, I'm afraid I cant be much help with the dreams, but I was in a Coma for 4 weeks and unfortunately cant remember anything at all about it, from before I went into the coma until a couple of weeks after. Other people had to fill in the blanks etc. this was 16 months ago and I've never had any flashbacks / nightmares (which I was told were common) and still have no memory of the time. Don't know if that's any use but that's my experience.


  • I WA in a coma for over a week. Medically induced. Brain shut down during coma. During the process of waking up I had experiences. Not so much dreams bot mild hallucinations from the drugs used. I'm sure the waking up part took some time but that is a much different thing than the actual coma. For me the difference was super clear but for others maybe not so much. I've read of some who recall that bit as the coma itself. I think because that is the bit that can be remembered. For some reason I recall coming out of dark nothingness into the beginning to wake up again process. I don't know about natural comas but in induced comas the brain is shut down just like if you put under for a major surgery. No dreams during the lights out. Not possible unless not fully under. So can't help you out at all. My experience a ND the research I have done are a bit at odds with your idea. Opioid dreams in a semi conscious state might be a more accurate title.

  • I was in an induced coma for 7 weeks and cannot get over the dreams I had. Or semi conscious opioid state of mind as you put it. Is that right then that in induced coma your brain is shit down? I still feel like my brain is partly shut down

  • Hi Charlotte, I was in ICU for 14 weeks and in an induced coma for 12 of those weeks. I had 6 main dreams that were very clear, bright, colourful and loud!! 4 of the dreams were around me being in a hospital bed and various things happening ie a fire, being moved by boat!! 1 dream was very random about opening a resort in Spain?? and the final dream was about my dad and his family in Sweden, my dad passed away when I was 2 years old so I don't remember him, though I do have contact with my family over there. He was in the dream as a young man telling me stories/information as if he was preparing me to live my life without him. I have no memory from the moment I stepped into the ambulance until 12 weeks later. I have had a couple of the dreams reoccurring in a simpler form, but no nightmares. I was in ICU in 2015. hope this helps, anything else I can do let me know as I am very interested in helping others and also trying to work out what happened to me


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