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Hi everyone, im 27 years old and a full time mummy to a 3 year old and a 4 month year old. and i fell ill with what i thought was cold or flu untill i had trouble breathing i went to doctors very destressed as was hard and painfull to breath,i was told my chest was clear!! A few days later i phoned 111 for advice only to be told they were sending a ambulance to check me over. I cant remember much from then on!i was taken to a and e then icu and put in a induced coma and ventalated for 5 days.i was also proned as a last resort.i spent another 4 days in icu after being brought around and had the ventalator taken out. I was wondering if anyone has had the same sort of story?its been over 2 months scince ive came home i still have chest pain but my breathing is fine.it was a hard time for me not to see my children and my husband had a chest infection so had to be in bed for 5 days while i was in hospital. Any reply would be much appreciated as im struggling with it all!i know it could of bern much worse and im so lucky.

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Same here - I had no idea how ill I was - when eventually I agreed to call doctors ( I remember none of this) my flu had become double pneumonia and my body was going into septic shock. My heart lungs & kidneys failed. I was proned 4 times ( I believe) - for 70 days I was on full life support 54/7 days on a coma. I spent another 20+ days in ICU - having overcome severe ARDS - I got glandular fever, VRE, MSSA & CMV - all a real bitch when you have no immune system. My lungs ached for a bit - I have slight pulmonary fibrosis in left lung. I swam today - a year on from ICU - certain thatI might never walk again.


Hello Fairy Princess23

Sorry to hear you had to go through all this.. I went through something similar 4 years ago, I was 36 then. I thought I 'd got a bad cold and went to the Dr who also told me my chest was clear and despite me telling her i' been violently sick despite eating very little and passing hardly any urine she told me I had the bug going around at the time ! I got worse and my husband took me to A&E the next day where I was taken to Ressus straight away and sent straight to ICU within a couple of hours..Was told I was very lucky to still be here with the severity of my stats ! Turns out I had a rare form of very virulent Pneumonia: PVL-MSSA in both lung, Severe Sepsis, Effusions and my Left lung also collapsed !I also suffered delirium which was awful; I spent 2 weeks in ICU,One on a ventilator and an induced coma and 2 further weeks in a Respiratory ward before being allowed to go home where I spent 6 months recovering off work. Had to learn to walk again and it took a while to get back to being strong gradually and it took my voice several months to get back to normal as it was very hoarse but got there and now enjoy most of the things I used to do before my illness ! Of all things this experience taught me to be resilient and always be thankful for what I have and look at the positive aspects of life.

I hope you make a good recovery very soon and look after yourself well and take things easy for a while.

Lots of love,XO

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