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After getting out of ECMO( 40 days) ,now on ventilator, my father is in fever from continuous 4 days, inspite of having antibiotics medication going on, sometimes fever cut off in morning time but again gradually start increasing in daytime. He was active though when was on ECMO but now he is not paying attention towards us,We are not understanding what all this is happening, we wanna talk to him, but he is not responding to us ,don't know he is doing this consciously or unconsciously...we are very worried about his mental state...

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My father was onVV ECMO for lungs , he was suspected with H1N1. 5 days before removing EcMO, his tracheostomy had done. He was responding to us before in a normal way, though obvious not able to talk but now he is not responding to us now, he is in a conscious state but feel very restless. Doctors are saying it happens bcoz he is so weak from inside that he don't want to talk to anyone otherwise there is no reason apart from dat. Is it so??


My father had a fever for some days after coming off ecmo. We were told it's a common reaction after ecmo is disconnected.

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