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So i had been sick running a fever for a few days at the time went to the store one day and on my way back i guess from the heat outside and me running a fever i had blacked out behind the wheel of my vehicle causeing my to drive down into a ditch when medical help had arrived/found me in the ditch i was a lil over 108° fever they rushed me to the hospital an had induced me into a coma not knowing if i would come out of it well 2 days later i started to wake up. And i cant begin to state how gratefull i am to still be here considering im about to start my own family with a babygirl on the way. But my only problem is that i cant seem to get back to normal and i need to be back at work asap but the muscle aches an pain im experiencing in my legs is almost too the point of being unbearable an i have a high tolerance to pain im a roofer and im used to getting pretty beat up. Ive tried being up and walking around a lil bit at a time a lil more each day but it only seems to be getting worse its to the point to where i almost cant get my self to get up out of bed unless need be the pain is just almost too much. If theres Anyone out here able to give any feed back on maybe a having similar issue/experience an how they've went about recovering any info at all would be greatly appreciated!? Plz an thank you

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Apparently the Guinness book of records notes that a person survived 115 degrees - ffs! I was really ill at 100!


It's taken me a year to overcome chronic fatigue - rebuild depleted muscles & stamina. Highly recommend correct & manageable gym work.


Thanks for the response i will keep at it. Ive been trying to do light leg work outs along with light stretches it seems to have a helped a slight bit but it seems as if this recovery is going to take longer than id expected. But ya 115 thats extreme body temps espescially for ur brain to handle.


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