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Sepsis after TIA aspirin* heart* stroke*


I'm writing this regarding my son. He is 35 years old, has cerebral palsy and learning difficulties.

Last week of April he had a TIA, taken to A&E and discharged for stroke clinic the next day.

Attended stroke clinic, commenced on 75mg aspirin, MRI and Doppler scan on carotid arteries. 3 days later admitted onto stroke ward as MRI diagnosed several cerebellar infarction and after a ct scan I was told he has a dissection of the left arterial vein which is most unusual in a man of my sons age, health and no obvious trauma. Discussions made with a large hospital close by regarding treatment and the dose of aspirin was upped to 300mg alongside a statin. No long lasting effects from the Tia so presented perfectly normal alongside very severely affected stoke patients.

An echocardiogram was also performed and essentially all is good. Good left ventricular function and possibly mild diastolic dysfunction and mild aortic regurgitation, but consultant happy.

On leaving hospital, episodes of fainting, sickness, loss of vision, tummy pain, constipation and loss of appetite.

Two more visits to A&E and just told to carry on taking Movicol and Senna for tummy pain. Visit also to stroke clinic requested by (a&e) by no action taken .

4 days later admitted to A&E via ambulance and treatment started for Sepsis as they say he has a huge infection, son is unresponsive but starts to rally round of the evening. Admitted onto Ward in early hours but no medication goes with him.

The next morning, he is extremely agitated, a nurse comes in after I shout I think he is fitting and starts shouting this is Sepsis why isn't he on a drip.

Admitted to ITU

Now my questions are....if he was being treated with a sepsis care bundle on A&E, why did that stop when taken to the ward? I now know it's not a short sharp dose and you are fine.

Being so very poorly....should he have gone straight to ITU

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