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Hi my name it tracey im 53 I was on life support 5 months ago I had a liver hemorrhage out of the blue but was then found I had a benign tumour my family was told I might not make it . I had lots tubes in my neck on dialysis the full works it seems but I'm suffering with PTSD and a lot of memory loss .also a tracheostomy just wanted to know if anyone how has been in this situation is having the same problems .my muscles are still very weak my doctor said it could take up to 2yrs to recover from being do I'll would be nice to talk to someone in the same situation x

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Wow, how frightening! I had a head injury & total memory loss of the accident & my month in hospital. The only thing we have in common is our age, sorry but just reaching out & to let you know I feel for you! I'm still not 100% but heading in the right direction, lol. Baby steps but we will get there!