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Close friend out of coma

Hi Everyone

Got wonderful news to tell you about my close friend Mark who suffered a hypoxic brain injury during a cardiac arrest caused by a massive heart attack, 3 weeks ago yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon an hour after doctors released that Mark had started to breath unaided without the life support machine because they had with permission from Marks wife to turn off the machine to see if he could breath unaided, he woke up from his coma with his wife and I at his bedside in the ICU. He was still on life support when he woke up yesterday because doctors had only started to bring him off the life support machine.

Today I went to see him and even though he has not spoken yet he had written somethings down on paper, one of these things were for me, it said "Thank you for saving my life". I was in tears when I saw this because I did not think I had saved his life at all because it was touch and go with his condition until yesterday afternoon. One of the ICU nurses looking after him and his wife had told him that I and a employee had done CPR until paramedics arrived.

Will keep you all updated.


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Wonderful news. Gives me hope for my friend who had a cardiac arrest two weeks ago. Thankyou so much for sharing and best wishes to you and Mark.


Hi Violetannie

Thank you and thinking and praying for your friend and you always



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