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Near Fatal Accident

My Brother in law was in a near fatal accident last Sunday to. Which he is still in Icu in a medically induced coma. Here's the events that have played out in the days since

Day 1. spleenectomy, esophageal tear repair, drainage bag to pull excessive blood from chest cavity.

Day 2. Removal of 1/3 of colon colostomy bag.

Day 3. Failed attempt to remove vent.

Day 4 femur repair.

Between day 4 and last night numerous attempts to remove vent have failed he wakes up from time to time and tried to get up to which they have to sedate him again received word that they want to insert a trace but now he has dbl pneumonia.

My Question???? Has anyone else ever been through this with a favorable outcome?

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Hi Rose,

I'm so sorry to hear to about your brother in law. My husband had Triple Strep pneumonia with kidney failure. He was in a coma and on life support for almost 3 months, 2 years ago. He ended up with a trachea. The doctors gave him a less than 2% chance of survival. He came home on the 18th of September and was back to work on the 31st of October. Miracles do happen.

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My dad was diagnosed with pneumonia, sepsis, kidney failure, leaking aneurysm - he has been in intensive care since September 10th. He was sedated and ventilated for 4 and a half weeks and then had a tracheostomy fitted. His sedation was lifted and they have been slowly trying to wean him off ventilation assistance. We met with the consultant who gave him a week to live a week ago but he is fighting - has even managed a few hours a day with no ventilation assistance at all and an hour out of bed yesterday. It's a very slow process but don't give up - my mum took the news very badly - I was determined to prove the consultant wrong - luckily so was my dad. xxx


Thank you all, just a quick update they did the trache yesterday and drew fluid off his lungs no word yet how the night went. Please keep us in your prayers.


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