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My dad had a reconstruction done on left foot a couple weeks ago. He went to the the local hospital on last Thursday 10/13 because he was running fever and in pain. His foot doctor decided to remove the metal on his leg because he was afraid of infection that took only 15 mins. Scariest day of my life to receive ph call at work that my dad had flatline and it took 10-15 min to revive him. He immediately was moved to another hospital where he has been in a coma since. My father is a minister and I believe and stand on Gods word and by his stripes my dad is healed. He has 2 MRI, EEG monitoring now and everything has came back normal and the doctor has no clue what is wrong and why he want wake up.He opens his eyes for a short period of time but their concern is him not being responsive and following commands. This by far has been very hard for my family and I to cope with. I have to talk to people to keep my mind right. I work in the medical field as a Medical assistant but its hard when its your loved one. I need a strong support system and I wish you all would keep my father in prayer. I was just informed that my family and I have to go in the morning to talk to the doctor. Please pray for us! I still have Faith!!

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Thinking of you and wishing you luck for your talk with the doctors this morning. I have found talking to people in this group a great support as we are all going through the exact same thing - a nightmare of ups and downs and uncertainty xx

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Thinking of you xx


I know how frightening your situation is. Your Dad and you are in my prayers.



I also know how frightening your situation is as well because I'm going though something similar with a close friend who suffered a hypoxic brain injury after suffering a cardiac arrest (it took paramedics 40 minutes to revive him but he wasn't breathing) caused by a massive heart attack 2 days ago. This happened in front of me. He is now fighting for life in a non induced coma.

So you and your dad are always in my prayers.



Praying for you and your family!!! My mom was in a coma for a week it was very hard. I posted on here and the support from others really helped me thru it. Stay strong for your dad he has God on his side!!!!! Please keep us posted!


❤ thoughts are with u at this time 💕


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