26 days in induced coma

Thanks to everyone for your supportive replys. Update for all . my partner finally is off ventilator and doing ok . he very weak and hasn't spoke yet but got 2 smiles off him ! He also pouted his lips so had 3 kisses aswell am so relieved happy and grateful oh and he puled a sad face when i told him i had to go xx i know there will be ups and downs to come but its so nice to see his face lovely lips and sparkle back in his eyes xxx nurses and doctors have been fantastic since day one xxxx

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  • Wonderful news! So very pleased for you. You can breathe a sigh of relief now as he begins his long but happy journey back to full health again ...

  • Nice to wake up to some good news that's teally nice , wishing you all the best and I hope it's s speedy recovery xxx

  • Awesome!!!! You must be so relieved. Please give your partner all our love xx

  • And love to you too of course!! Xx

  • Thank you so much xxx and love to you all aswell xx

  • Fab news really pleased for you both, hope the journey to recovery isn't to long. It took me a while to talk and walk again but I did. Thrilled for you both hugs all round xx

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