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Hi everyone. Well having had to pay massive amounts out for Private Dental Treatment (They were previously NHS) we found a local one who was signing up for NEW NHS PATIENTS. Due to it's location we jumped at the chance to move. We duly signed up, had basic Check Up's and signed for the Treatment. My wife paid a part payment for hers but I was asked if I was in receipt of any Benefits which I said I was. I have Employment Support Allowance and PIP. I signed up to this fact and over the next few weeks I had further Treatment including Partial Dentures. WRONG!!!!! I recently received a letter from the  NHS BENEFIT ELIGIBILITY CHECKS (BECs) PENALTY CHARGE NOTICE. It appears, unknown to me, that there is EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT ALLOWANCE and WORK RELATED EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT ALLOWANCE.  Obviously I did know the difference so just signed the Dentist's Enrolment Form. The Result:- ??? A bill for £222.50 AND a PENALTY CHARGE of £100 making £322.50 which I have to repay them. I am in the process of trying to at least get them to drop the Penalty Charge but is a lesson learned and one I wish to extend to you all. Please ALWAYS read the SMALL PRINT and if in doubt ASK!!!. Otherwise it can cost dearly.

All my Best to you All


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Hi Phil, my dentist turned private but I stood my ground, said I was NHS 22 years ago when I registered and still wanted NHS care , he made a choice, not me . So I still see him, only choose to pay the extra for white fillings , and only pay the basic NHS rates for all my treatment. Motto - always read the NHS chart in the waiting room 😀


Totally agree with you. Mine was purely the difference between EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT ALLOWANCE and WORK RELATED EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT ALLOWANCE. By not reading the agreement and not seeing those two magic words cost me £255 plus £100 Fine. I have paid a part amount and written to Dental Health Authority explaining my medical situation and also a letter from my WONDERFUL G.P. x

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