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Trachea malacia

I'm so glad I found this site! I am 57 yr old diagnosed with severe persistent asthma in 2007' I have been admitted yo the hospital several times through the year. Last month the doctors found after doing a bronchoscopy that i have severe extensive tracheabroncho malacia. This is collapsing of the trachea and upper airway! Only place in the country (USA) is Boston I will be leaving to meet with the surgeon April 19th.I live in Florida so my family will be traveling as well. The surgery is open chest taking 6-8  hrs with ICU stay for couple days on the ventilator. I have been a nurse for over 20  yrs and know a little too much! I have all these questions running in my head. Will I have a chest tube? Due to the work on the trachea :-) ow long will I have problems with talking g? And having worked in ICU a bit I am a little anxious.

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HI Cnatureqd: I can't answer your medical questions - hopefully your doctor/s will be able to clarify the nature of the treatment - but would say, be positive and have hope, you will be in the hands of specialists. But it's natural to be anxious!

ICU can be a weird experience, it's so high tech,  all those machines keeping you alive and breathing. If you are fairly sure you are going to need a tracheostomy, then you can prepare - eg take a notepad and pen into the ward.  There have been people here on this site who have had a trachy in for a long time (weeks) and who have recovered OK. It is odd, not being able to speak, but I'm sure you will be able to find plenty of other ways to communicate.

Good luck with your surgery and recovery.

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