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hey, i am 15 ( sorry for the age difference but this is an emergency ) a couple of weeks ago i fell over running and i cut my leg bad. a day later it finally stopped bleeding i lost a lot of blood. a week later it went green the entire cut went green. i went to see my mum and she said it was infected and needs a plaster ASAP before i develop speticaema i haven't yet visited the hospital but i have read about the concequences and i am a little frightened i could end up in the ICU according to the NHS plz help what should i do??????  

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Hi Kyle,

See a doctor. Go to A & E now, if it's very reddened around it, and if it's swollen and sore and wet. 

If it's dry, and not swollen and sore, the greenish brown colour is probably. just dried scabs.

It probably isn't as bad as you think, if your Mum said it just needed a plaster.

Ask at school if you can get first aid lessons, it's interesting, and then you'll know what to do next time you hurt yourself. The Red Cross do it in some areas.


Pseudomonas infection (sometimes it could look bluish green).  Go to the Doctor or an emergency clinic.  They will clean it and cover it nicely.  They will give you instructions on how to clean it and change the dressings.  If it's bad enough, they will give you a course of oral Antibiotics.  If you do these things, it should get better on it's own.  If you start to feel tired all the time, it doesn't start to heal in a week or so, and especially if you are running a fevers, go back to the doctor's or clinic.  If you are suffering from an immune problem, you may just have to have a couple of Intraveneous courses of the Antibiotic for a day or so, then they will send you home with another course of oral antibiotics.   This is what is typical.  It's what I would do.  I have been a Pediatric Nurse for 27 years. 


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