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I have had 8 hospital admissions since april for my asthma. 3 weeks ago today, i was admitted to icu and ventilated for 3 days. I then spent a further 3 weeks in hospital.

my family were told that if i had waited any longer, then i would not have survived.

I was just wondering whether anybody else struggled with coming to terms with what happened and with their emotions.

I am getting terrible flash backs and cry all the time. I also feel so so weak and my body aches all the time.

Sorry to sound like i am moaning but could really do with some advice.


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Bubblybird- my heart goes out to you: you have had a terrible time. I'm not a medic but it sounds like your asthma got really out of control, or you had a lung infection..... From my own experience of ICU and being ventilated twice, I found it terrifying: the machine, the noise, the tubes, the realisation that one of my basic body functions wasn't working. Naturally, this is traumatic and takes time to get over. I still worry sometimes that I can't fully rely on my lungs to do their job properly (three years after ICU). Can I suggest you need to be kind to yourself and just take each day as it comes. YOu will have days when you are weepy and exhausted, but other days when you feel more positive, stronger, and in control. Over time, you will feel better, physically and emotionally. Be optimistic, you will get there.


Hi muncii,

Thank you for your response, its really helped to know what i a feeling is normal. Yes my asthma is so out of control at the moment, that was my second time in itu but the first time being ventilated. had asthma for 21 years and has not been this bad since i was 11.

I will take yoyr advice and take each day at a time.

I find it hard knowing that my life was in the hands of someone else.

I also agree with not being able to rely on my lungs.

Thank you again :)


Hi Bubblybird, I was in icu with pneumonia, ventilated and had a tracheostomy. Also am an asthmatic so I was on oxygen for about a month. I found it to be a terrifying experience and took a long while to come to terms with what had happened to me. However, it will get better. I have been out of hospital for 5 years now and I can honestly say that my life is pretty much back to normal. You have been through a traumatic experience and it is going to take a while to fully recover but the tears are normal (I cried loads!) and it took ages for me to grow physically strong again and for the nightmares to stop but you will get there. Just take one day at a time and don't try to do too much at once. You will get there, just takes a little time for your body to recover!


Thank you so much for your reply. So glad you are in control of your asthma now, its so scarey not being able to breath.

Nightmares are getting worse, sleeping also really disturbed.

Feel like my body has been hit by a brick wall, but i will definatly take your advice and take each day at a time.

Thank you again :)


As a fellow survivor I also had problems after ITU. I suffered with loss of muscle tone, sleep problems, no energy amongst other things. Two years on things are vastly improved. What helped me was joining my local ICUsteps support group. Here you meet fellow survivors with similar problems who will listen, understand & not judge. The support group is for ex-patients and their relatives. There are now seventeen support groups around the UK and hopefully there is one near you. You will find them at All the best for the future.


I am sorry to say it seems par for the course I was in ICU for 32 days and it had a profound affect not only on me but my family. I have RLD and it does knock you about as does asthma. It is time that is the best healer and maybe a good chat with a lung consultant.

Be wEll

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Thank you offcut :)


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