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Shelly belly advise

Good morning ladies! I am now 4 months post abd total hysterectomy and still feeling swells belly at the end of the day...anyone else? How long before it goes away completely? Any tips to help? Sometimes I put an ice pack on abd that helps!

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Hi mimimimi12 i am 3months post Tah with abdominal incision and I to have noticed when I get home from work that my stomach is still swollen and especially towards the end of the day and running back and forth to toilet for a wee every couple of hrs. I did take a wee sample last week to dr to check it wasn’t a water infection and it was fine. I’m hoping It’s just a little irritation from the surgery and hoping this will in time settle down. I take wind relief tablets to help to give yourself time to heal and if your not any better see your dr.


Hello MimiMimi12.

Am 5months post op TAH+BSO.

I realized the reason why my belly swells up is due to elongated period of seating down which compresses the wounded belly muscles making it swell. Try seating on a comfy chair. Personally I use a dining chair with some cushions to avoid back problem. I seat straight too. Move around after an hour. Work also while s5anding whenever you feel you've pushed yourself on the chair long enough. Try balancing all these.

Secondly I wouldn't advise an icepack on the abdomen. Remember you need the cells to regenerate. What you're doing is slowing down the process and this might also result in clotting. Try using a well squeezed face towel deeped in normal running tap water. Pad your belly. Don't let it stay for long.

This is a journey we're on. It's not easy, but it's worth it.🙌🙌 🙌

I hope you find this helpful. And check with your doctor Everytime you're overwhelmed


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