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Surgery belt and cushion

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question about post surgery belts. How soon can you start to wear one and do you wear it when you sleep as well?

I'm buying one that, Zzz the lovely woman that she told me about and they also sell a cushion is the cushion useful?

Any other tricks and advice most welcome. I'm using the kegal machine to strengthen my pelvic floor ....think I might have left it too late but wondering if anyone is using one post surgery?


Windancer xx

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I bought a belly bandit one from eBay as they very expensive new but it was really good when walking . They are all are quite uncomfortable sitting down so think they are best just supporting muscles when standing and walking in my opinion 💗⭐️ Otherwise when sitting down for a long time they cut in where your womb was to not the best 😬 I find mine helpful but still get the massive swell by the end of the day that most post surgery people get at 3 months band or no band it seems it's a long road ⭐️⭐️⭐️💗

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