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Hi I am new to all this and today, I get told I might need to have a hysterectomy, now what worries me right now is I have had 3 C-sections and have a terrible pouch or hangover as they say, and it would only make it worse, would they consider taking some of it off to prevent it getting worse? it depresses me as it is and this is what is putting me off having it done right now


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I already had a 'jelly belly' and it is no different.

Your body has produced 3 beautiful children, don't feel ashamed or depressed about it!

You are beautiful, please don't feel sad just because you don't conform to some air brushed stereotype underweight pin-up!!

Sorry for the lecture 😕

You have enough to worry about, focus on getting fit and healthy for surgery 😊


Hi Katey I too may have to under go a hysterectomy but I have been diagnosed with cancer so different but deffo do not worry or stress about what tummy be like as your health comes first mrs and if needed please do it very scary and hard as I have never been able to be a mum but if it has to be this or loose my life then I will choose this hope you get on ok xxxx here if you need a chat xxxx

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Hi, thank you for your replies, it turns out they haven't spoke to me yet about having a cone biopsy or hysterectomy. They decided to send me or an MRI scan instead, I went on Friday as they said I needed it doing promptly and now waiting on results from them. But extra worried now with how urgent they made it sound, will keep you updated



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