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Does the severe tiredness (before, during and after period) disappear after having a hysterectomy?

Hello ladies, I have extreme exhaustion before after and during bleeding and wondered whether as well as the horrible pain whether or not the tiredness goes away after having this operation? It seems to be all related to the bleeding but no sure

p.s. I've had 6 operations for endo and 1 for fibroids, am 38, hope you can help

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Hello curlywurly44 😊

I'm afraid I had my hysterectomy after the menopause so I can't really answer your question but I'm sure someone else will be along soon who can.

It sounds as if the exhaustion is linked to blood loss so I would seriously hope you would feel better afterwards 😊

Best wishes


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Thank you so much Anna. Going to have another chat with a specialist soon, it sounds a bit crazy. Will let you know how I go


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Have you had your B12 levels measured? When I was still bleeding heavily each month, my blood count and iron levels remained in the normal range but my B12 plummeted to deficient. It's easily corrected with injection and having a hysterectomy has meant my B12 has remained in the normal range.


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