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NHS blunder

I have finally got the news that I wanted to here.

The NHS have admitted that they caused me to lose both my legs through their negligence.

It wont bring my legs back, I know that, but at least it makes my future not look quite so bleak.

It has taken over 4yrs to get this result but worth it. I can put it all behind me now and get on with my life.

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I am so pleased that you have some resolution, you are so very brave and very articulate in your careful expression and understanding of what was a ghastly happening, trying to get the NHS to take responsibility for any situation is a minefield of PCT defence normally, backed up by other mechanisms, which often do not have the patient's best interest at heart. I know your lost limbs will not return, but to have those who could have done something, not able to admit this, would have not been beneficial to your progress. I am pleased for you for all the right reasons, and hope that the UK in general in terms of medical care could learn from your particular case - ie lack of modern care and a non listening mind set, where often ego's are too big to climb down. Mary F x


Wow Carol - I am so pleased that it finally feels justice has been done. As you say, it won't bring your legs back but at least you will get some compensation and hopefully be able to build a future now. That's quite a good Christmas present :) and one which you deserve.


Thank you to everyone on here for your kind words and for listening to me.

I would like to also wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

Rest assured I will be celebrating this Christmas and if that means my INR will be up, then so be it.


I am so glad to hear about getting the justice deserved at last!! Like you say it wont give you back what was once yours but it may help with your future.

All the best & you are such a strong willed person to keep pushing the way you have until you got the answer that was deserved. You're an inspiration to all hun.

Sending you a huge hug & I hope to meet you one day, perhaps you could arrange to come down to my meeting next year!! that would be lovely xxxx


Thank you for your kind comments. I would love to arrange to come to your meeting. If you let me know when and where I will put it in my diary.

I will look forward to meeting you too.


I will do hun, I know there's a premier inn where we may have the meal & meeting! so thats an idea too!......oh....also my hubby has just told me that they have a Bon Jovi UK gig in Barnsley January 7th at Birdwell club!! hey you never know :) let me know if you're up to it xx



Congratulations and well done you, i know it has noit been an easy route but to here an organisation as big as that admit they were wrong is fantatstic, as you have said it will not change physically what you have to go through but it will make it a hell of a lot simpler not having that hanging over your head. A merry christmas to you carol and enjoy.



Closure is really really important no matter in what way it comes. Congratulations, this was obviously no mean feat and needed a lot of courage.

You deserve to celebrate - Good Luck to you!


Well done you are so brave and congratulations


Hello Carol,

I am pleased that you will be able to be compensated for this terrible experience. I hope that you will be able to get all the help you need to improve things for the future.

Take care and let us know how things go


Hi carol

sorry i missed this. Been offline as moved into a pub and no internet. I am so happy for you and proud you took em on and won.

Well done, no compensation for what you have lost, but maybe life will get easier and less stressful.

Would be lovely get together in the new year with suzi n anyone else who can make it.

Hope you feelin well today!!

Happy new year!!! Up the inr!!

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


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