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Does anyone know if you can choose where you see a APS specialist. I had an appointment with my GP and requested that I be referred to St Thomas's in London. The GP said that my local PCT has arrangements for patients to be seen by specialist in the local area but he cannot refer outside of my area. He said I should call him in a week's time whilst he checks with rhuematology who manages APS in my area. I'm not sure this is helpful as I don't feel well now experiencing pins and needles and numbness on my left side with terrible headaches. I have also read on NHS hhoices that it is the patient's right to be referred anywhere, and you can request second opinions. Any advice from anyone is welcome.

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From the document...

Who is responsible for

offering me this choice?

Speak to the GP, dentist, optometrist or other health care

professional who is referring you.

If they do not offer you a choice, contact your clinical

commissioning group to discuss the choices you should be

able to make and how to make them.

Your clinical commissioning group must make sure that you

have this choice. See page 17 of this framework for

information on how to find your clinical commissioning group.


Thank you I shall have a read through.


There is a get out for the GP if you need urgent attention and the waiting list for your preferred specialist is deemed too long.


I don't think the GP is viewing my situation as urgent at all if he expects me to wait a week while he does nothing. I've read on the site that it is a legal right for patients to be able to choose and this has been the case since 2009. Therefore I dont see why the GP doesn't know this. I think I will contact the surgery manager tomorrow.


If I were you, I would get hold of an email address for the surgery sharpish, even if it is the secretary or similar and send an email marked urgent, with the link to the charity and also this list of specialists:



There is a poster is my surgery advising it is your right to choose where you are referred.


Thank you


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