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Hi im new to this site, and was wondering if anyone has jerking of the legs? It mainly happens at night

but rarely happens in the day to. i cant controll it and it can be painful. the next day i feel like my legs are made of lead and it takes a good few hours to feel normal. ive seen a neurolgist but he is non the wiser, and it made me feel lilke i was making it up. Please get in touch if you have anything simular,

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Hello there, if once you are on the home page for this Hughes forum you click on questions... you will find quite recently in questions a very similar post, all sorts of people joining in, under Let me know if you can't find it MaryF x


Think this is quite common, I have had jerking legs for a couple of years, and yes it does seem worse when you relax, like in the evenings, or when you go to bed. Not sure whether it is Lupus or APS related, or even some medication.




I sometimes have this, especialy when I'm extremely tired and usualy just before I fall into sleep. It can be very anoying. Luckily, it doesn't happen too often.


It says if you wear long warm socks at night it eases restless legg syndrome

good luck x


Hi , I just posted the same issue , but mine is My arms mostley and legs too at times.

I've had this for over about 15 or more years , Mine happen when I'm over tried or stressed Lately they have been the worse I have ever had in My life ( been under alot of stress lately :( , It will happen within the first 45 to 6o mins of falling asleep sometimes later then that . My arms ( sometimes legs ) go crazy and i cant control them ( My husband calls it the whack a mole Attack ) poor man is always in the crossfire!!

After My arms ( and sometimes my Legs ) will cramp up really bad and feel like lead too and be sore( sometimes even the next Day).

My doctor is sending Me to a nueroligist possable seizures called night time seizures , but i suspect they will not be dx as seizures just periodec limb movements

sorry you are having these I know for Me it can be very scary I wonder if it my be due to Hughes syndrome ?? When i go to the Doctors on Dec 22 i will ask Him

Take care and lots of love , Sandy


I also suffert a lot from the restless legs! Until I read a usefull item on a forum:

EAT A BANNANA A DAY! Noting to loose,so I tried...And it works for me for 95%


Yes I have experienced this as well.

It usually happens late evening. It has improved a lot since I've been on Clexane but I do still get it periodically especially when tired.

It is mentioned as a syptome of Hughes Syndrome. e.g. St vitus dance.


I had heavy almost painful 'evening' legs. Told the lovely lady at ST T who doubled my plaque nil and now it hardly ever happens.


Hi BeckyBoo,

welcome to the group i do get lead feeling and the jumping about of legs a friend of mine had this and it was a pressure nerve on her spine you may want to speak to your doc and see if all the signals are working.

Regarding the message mary was talking about above re the other person asking quesition similer to you please see link below i hope you get answers




I am woken up several times a night by electric shocks that cause my leg (or legs) to kick out and jerk. It almost feels like a startle reflex. I just went to a carnival where I tried to sleep in the car for an hour while the older kids were off having fun. I woke up two dozen times with these leg jerks.

I came home and looked it up. Myoclonus can be a symptom of antiphospholipid syndrome. There is a form called sleep myoclonus.

Chorea is another movement disorder that can be a symptom of antiphospholipid syndrome.


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