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I'le be back!!!!! Lol!! Xxxx

Hi all

the great n talented telecommunications company, can get internet n phone line set up on 23rd dec. Mmmmmm. If we made a customer wait two minutes they hard done too n walk out!!! Grrrr!!!

Missing you all. Hope you all ok n behavin either naughty or nice!!! Not matter which we deserve presents anyway Santa!!! .

Take care. Gentle hugs n lots of love sheena xxxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

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Hi Sheena,

Missing you as well hope you get it all sorted soon.



Missing you hun :(

Hope you are as well as can be & not getting too stresssfull xx


Thanks for the warning chickadee!! Let us know when its going to happen so we can stop talking about you behind your back, lol!!

Missing your good cheerful attitude and your smiling mug!


ok sheena we are waiting. 7:30 am here must be 12:00 there, ive kept a line open to santa just for you and your family. i dont think i used all my favors up yet. suzy been real busy with her herd of pets , shes like a shepherd. - jet


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