Do I need more than aspirin for flight to Cyprus? Advice greatly received

After 3 miscarriages I was diagnosed with sticky blood and put on 75mg aspirin daily. I'm unsure if a 4.5 hour flight to Cyprus will require me to take more than just my usual daily aspirin. I know long haul US etc requires heparin, but Cyprus isn't just a 2 hour flight to Europe but isn't long haul either, so hat should I do???? Help

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  • If you are regularly taking your aspirin and dont sit for the flight but get up and stretch your legs every hour or so you should be fine. If added protection is sought in particular for a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) wearing compression stockings (sometimes call flight socks) would help.

  • I was recommended to take clexane for flights four hours and over I have just been to Turkey and took clexane on top of my warfarin I personally would rather be safe than sorry but a quick call to your haemo/ rheumy should make it clear whats best for you (I have only been on warfarin since October and I also went to Turkey last year when I was just on 75mg Aspirin daily and same applied)

  • I agree with Alison. I was also told that four hours was the cut off for aspirin and would therefore suggest that you speak to a doctor. Good luck!

  • I fly short haul all the time, and stick to the four hour rule, aspirin for me, but that is all I take anyway,but i do wear compression stockings! Mary F x

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