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Help please!!!!

Hello I'm having blood tests done ana and thromb and I don't know what they are for I thought the antipholispid was factor v something because my doctor thinks I have sle and antipholispid syndrome as I have had 9 misscarriges and a still birth and with my first born I had severe pre eclampsia. And getting terrible headaches ,memory problems ,muscle aches ,and my skin is awful Lacey looking.

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Hello and welcome, Im so glad you have found your way here. Im sure we can be of some help to you. Its good that they are doing these tests as it sounds like your Doctor has some good knowledge. The sooner you get a firm diagnosis the better it will be for you so that you can have some answers.

Im also so sorry that you have obviously had such a rough time but hopefully you are on the right track now. Perhaps you can give us a rough location - USA or UK as that can help with advise etc. Have they put you on any medications yet or waiting for blood results? Please try not to worry too much though although I know that is hard. You will get lots of help and support from people who have unfortunately been through similar situations as yourself and understand. xx


No not on any medication as yet. I'm in the uk. I recently changed drs surgeries as I felt my old gp didn't understand at all.


I was just reading your profile and I had not realised that you had recently had a baby and been treated with Heparin etc. It seems to me that they must have tested and diagnosed Hughes in order to treat you at that point. So are they looking now to see if you have Lupus (SLE)? The symptoms you mention are common of Hughes and some people also have Lupus but not everyone does in fact more often people do not. Its common to be tested however. The lacey skin you describe is called Livedo reticularis which is also common with Hughes.


Hi there, sorry you have had such a tough time and glad the GP appears to be on the case, you do need a rheumatologist who understands the fine detail of the condition(s) and.. hopefully things will improve. Let us know where you are so we can indicated perhaps where the nearest expertise is for you. Mary F x


Thank you all for youre kind words i will keep you all posted


Good luck with yours tests. Like the other respondents, I am so sorry about your health problems. You have found the right place to get support. A bit of detail here might help you. A number of tests are used to diagnose blood clotting disorders.

• The ANA test (for anti-nuclear antibodies) is a test to determine if you have antibodies that indicate an autoimmune reaction. (more info here:

•Hughes Syndrome (also called Antiphospholipid Syndrome or APS) is an autoimmune disease. So is Lupus.

•Hughes patients generally test positive for Anticardiolipin Antibodies (aCL). (More info here: They may also test positive for the Lupus Anticoagulant (LA) (which, confusingly, is not a test for Lupus).

•Factor V Leiden is an genetic condition that can predispose a person to blood clots. It is not uncommon. A personal who has Hughes may (or may not) also have Factor V Leiden. (I do). More info on Factor V here:

• Good places to find more about Hughes syndrome: I also have a list of resources at:

Good luck!



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