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I need to find PUBMED research on APL antibody "trigger events." This term is obviously not a medical one. Any suggestions for me to try?

I had APL antibodies triggered during an eye surgery by an anesthesiologist who left my feet hang way over the edge of the operating table. I am trying to recover compensation for the losses I have had from the long list of things, DVT, PE, punctured intestine, gangrene, ileostomy, subdural hematomas, ventral hernia, vertigo, various nerve damages, etc. which came from this "trigger" event. I need medical documentation to support my claim which is my Hughes Syndrome condition was triggered by the clots which came from my feet being immobilized while hanging unsupported up to my calf. (I am very tall and I had never before this surgery had clotting issues.) All these other events flowed from and are connected to the "trigger" event. I don't know what terms to search for in PubMed's archives. Any suggestions for me? Thanks for your consideration!

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Oh dear you have been in the wars. Im not sure that any search you do in PubMed will bring up what you are looking for as it would mean that there were repeated and documented instances in either research or studies documenting the events you describe.

I find using the whole name of Antiphospholipid is better than APS with search's. I hope thats helpful and good luck with your fight.


Thanks APsnotFab. It has been a rather unplanned detour from a previously wonderful, full, and active life. However, it is still a life. I like living. I've had 5 life-threatening events so far, since the triggering event. Once three years ago, the doctor came out of the surgery room to tell my wife there was only a 10% chance I'd make it through the day and then he went back in for more work on me. This was a kindness, since we bury our dead the day they die here in Israel, so one needs all the advance notice possible.

I found this on the London Lupus Centre website:

"Hughes Syndrome Research into the causes of Thrombosis

The association between anti-phospholipid antibodies and thrombosis is strong. But the exact mechanism for the thrombosis remains uncertain. The antibodies have been shown to alter platelets, clotting proteins, and the blood vessel lining itself, but the relative contribution of each of these mechanisms, as of ‘outside’ influences such as smoking and the oral contraceptive pill are still under study."

I need to find any papers or workups on these "under study" efforts. Any ideas on where to look? I need to know the medical terms to use in my search to refine it beyond "Antiphospholipid" to find just how strong the association is between aPL and thrombosis.

Well there I go, I'll try those two: "Antiphospholipid" and "thrombosis." Maybe I'll get good results.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Even for info on work in progress.



This is fairly recent but I think explains what you are up against. There are a number of reasons that could cause a "trigger", one of which could be genetics.

Those two words you suggest should give you plenty of reading for a while :-)


I had found this page a while ago which may help with some of the information you seek...

also here is a link to one of my blog pages with info on lupus flares which at least for me seem to be same triggers. Not sure if any research has actually been done though.

and an article so authored by Professor Khamashta on APS:

another with causes of morbidity and mortality of APS published in 2009:


Thanks for the help!

One of the more interesting things I was directed to see was a PDF booklet by Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld and Dr. Yaniv Sherer on APS. I think it would be very helpful to everyone with Hughes Syndrome, APS, APLA, whatever you want to call it. Here is a link to it:


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