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A question for the ladies

I was diagnosed with APS around a year ago.I am a man,as is probably obvious from my name and have 2 daughters.One was recently checked for APS in Australia,where she lives,and was told she was not positive.However,being aware of the unreliability of the tests I recall that during her teenage years she had incredibly painful periods during which she often vomited with the pain.She is now on the contraceptive pill which helps with the pain.I was wondering if any female APS sufferers can recall similar painful periods when they were younger?

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Hi there, yes.. agony... from and early age, but I also have Lupus.. and I have a flare every month, however only just passed a test at age 47, despite having obvious signs for years.. I am not very good at passing tests.. had pericarditis regularly since teenage years. However many people can have dysmenorrhea - painful periods, and it stands alone with no particular disease attached to it. So keep an open mind, unless you are worried about other symptoms which stand out. uptodate.com/contents/painf... Mary F x


I have primary APS. I had very mild, no painful periods when I was a teenager. If I can offer some advise. Have your daughter stay away from Yaz and or Yazmin birth control pills. I have read they have a higher risk of blood clots then other birth control pills on the market.

I hope you the best and your two daughters. Take care!


Hi Steve. I also suffered but subsequently was found to have a condition called Endometriosis which from a previous thread on here also seems to be fairly common in this community. However as Mary says this condition is also a standalone one and although there are some papers with weak links to APS in general on balance most people who have it would not have APS.

I would tell your daughter to get herself checked out for things like the above or perhaps PCOS -Polycystic Ovary Syndrome as these two could be more likely candidates for painful heavy periods.

If your daughter is not having any other more obvious APS symptoms like migraines, dizziness, balance problems, cognitive issues etc then I would not worry too much. x


I have always had 8 day long and heavy periods and started early, I also have horrendous ovulation pain from 18. All tests came back clear for everything and no answer found, pre cancerous cells lazered at 19. Hope all goes ok x


Omg pain doesnt even describe and im still like that its horrid hun make her check again b on safe side x


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