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Anybody gone from warfarin back to fragmin?

I am wondering whether to ask if I can try going back to fragmin alone. I have been on warfarin for 6 years and right now it is driving me nuts. I think I am in peri menopause and my INR changes everyday. So I am always testing and adjusting my doses. And actually I really want to be able to eat foods with vitamin K in too like broccoli as I know we need it and add in supplements which may help me without worrying what my INR will do.

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Funnily enough Jade this is exactly what I have just done! Ive got so fed p with the lack of support that I have just done it myself. I am seeing my consultant to day so will find uot if I am going to get tolf off but I already feel more safe on it.

Whats peri menopause? Never heard of that before.


Please let me know how you get on. I am going at some point to see my GP but I know he will act dumb as they always say I know more about the condition than they do. I am hoping he will try contact Prof Hughes. I started on fragmin at his advice then he switches people to warfarin if it works. Peri menopause is the latest name for the time before periods actually stop which can be many years that we start experiencing a range of symptoms and our hormones are fluctuating and falling. PM me if you want more gory details. Lol.


I was on Clexane for a short while, but had problems with the injection site weeping, even up to 8 hours after the injection !!

So back on Warfarin and my fluctuating INR !!


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