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Article and petition

Staffordshire in the UK was a scandalous situation, patients and medical staff alike were bullied for flagging up dreadful care.

The paper attached to this petition makes things fairer for both sides.

If you can please consider signing it and passing it on to others:

We can but all hope for a better working culture for staff and a better deal for patients.

Mary F x

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Hi Mary

Read and signed hon, I hope it works.

Love n hugs Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Mary will do - such an important issue that needs raising now! will defo sign i have raised my experience of nhs changes and the culture "shut up & put up"

to my MP. Thank you for bring to our attention kx


Brilliant isn't it, instead of these people being removed from their positions and prosecuted for 'gross negligence' they are promoted so they can continue their reign of terror and distruction!

Fuming as usual xx


How can a man (Martin Yates) be too ill to give evidence one minute but then be promoted the next!!

My mother in law went into Hemel Hempsted Hospital with a urinary tract infection and 10 weeks later she was dead. During that time she nearly died once three days after she arrived after she fell out of bed, then had to get up to go to the loo as there was no one to take her and had a fall in the night. They got her over that and back on a normal ward and were going to discharge her with a catheter, daily vomiting, an infection, internal bleeding, cellulitus, confusion and no one to look after her in her own home (we lived 2 hours away). She was then dropped a further twice, left in her own excretion (all in the patient notes which I eventually got under Fof I) and not fed unless I was there. Twice we arrived to find four wards with 28 really ill bedridden people being run by 2 nurses. We fought to get her out of there having to sign a disclaimer in the end to do it and when she died it was discovered she had two tumours one in her bladder which was 10cm and undiagnosed after 10 weeks. We watched as confused patients called for nurses and no one came. One actually walked down to the car park two floors down before anyone discovered she was missing. Yes Stafford is not the only place that there were things going on.

Signed with pleasure Mary! x


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