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Stuck in the mud :(

Long story short, I was on JSA and they told me to try for ESA because I was too sick to turn up to appointments, so I did, I had a medical last year and only scored 3 out of 10 points so I appealed, I have just recieved a letter stating I have scored 6 out of 10 and failed so I am no longer entitled to ESA, should I go back on JSA even though I am unfit and my sick note don't run out until next month? I'm totally emotional because of all this :(???

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Hi Kelly

Sorry to hear of your problems.

I'm not qualified to advise you on benefits, I'm afraid, other members on here my know more than me about this.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Best wishes.



If you have a CAB office near you I would ask them for some advice. I am sorry that you have this problem.


rry to hear you have had to go through all this. Basically the current system doesn't work to accurately assess your ability to work. This is well known. I would seek advice from CAB and also write to your MP . Meanwhile get any benefit you can meantime. I have managed to get ESA but had to appeal every time. I kept trying to go back to work and then was totally wiped out for months. The points system doesn't. recognise the effect of fatigue and pain. With some of the questions. its a case of emphasizing what yiT helps not to Taou can't do. I think you may still have the option of a tribunal. l ook up some of the benefit sites on line in the meantime. you will soon find the ones that are helpful.

People I know have found that a letter from the MP brought about a more helpful approach.

For me the main point was that I could do a specific movement but would be unable to do it for any length of time. Don't feel you have to give up. Also some advice that helped me was to expect to have to fight for it. It is a poorly designed system that works for reducing the numbers on the benefit but not for identifying or helping those who could work.

Good Luck Ann


Hi, I was on incapacity benefit and had to go for medical and was put in WRAG group, My daughter phoned and asked for a copy of the medical. Some of the things the doctor wrote where totally inaccurate. My daughter wrote a letter pointing out some of the in-accuracies and said we would be appealing. month later got a letter stated Im now in support group. So well worth appealling. Good luck xx


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