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Merry Christmas all, sorry its a late!!!

Hi all

Belated Christmas wishes, a happy n healthier 2013!

Sleepy head here, we closed pub at 3pm, had dinner, yummy! Then I fell asleep till 9 am, been so busy, don't have a clue how everything got done, but it did! So a little time to relax now and hope for a healthier and happy year in 2013!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

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Same to you Sheena big hug x


Glad to hear that our little ever ready bunny !!!!!!!!! :-) It's now Sheena time and you can certainly use it. { as we all ] . as i am always talking about swimming our salt water divide. i will start hydro -therapy today- break out the spandex atire { NOT } i would look like a hairless walnut with tooth picks for legs. Ha Ha Ha -- going to meet new therapist at 1:30 today??????????????? She will have to have a sence of humor, i have been lucky so far with my people i deal with. !!!!!!!!!! Deb is her name not quite sure of my schedule yet , but it's suppose to run 3 weeks then back to regular therapist Kriste for re-evaluation Hope Santa was good to those due.. Sheena it's ok we know how busy you have been and i made santa aware of it.busy as a bee !!! Glad to hear from you my friend -keep your fingers nimble and communication flowing. ---------- fish man


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