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Where are my Christmas witches?????????

Every one must be doing there last minute shopping ? -- now myself i just started :-(----- will be back at it on Monday {can't rush these things you know} ?????!!!!!-- 6 shots in back on last friday. been pretty sore since-- also starting a new med.Gabapentin {neurontin} i guess it has alot of side effect's they are going to have to keep an eye on. i start on small dose and the increase over 6 weeks- it will help pain with A.V.N. ,osteo arthritis in feet ,knee,s back and shoulders-- back pain in muscle damage and migraines-- if it works ????? but it will get me off the Baclofen. i start hydro therapy on the 26 th of Dec. 3 weeks of that and then back to regular therapist for re-evaluation ?? from there who know's- i started a diabetes clinic last Thur,s . i haven't heard back from doc. from the tests for caps-- i have seen the CT and ultra sound results - they to me look good ? but they did find an inguinal hernia in left side groin , i guess thats why when i have a coughing spell i get pain ????-- fatty infltration of the liver-- and of course arterial calcifications in right femoral head in hip -- this is the a.v.n.that has actually gotten worse . but the good thought on the caps is good as far as i know right now -- still clots in left leg ( superficial ) good they didn't find more .. last shots in back had a light steroid in them-- forgot to ask just what they are (DERRRRRR ). just brian cramps :-) . well be back to you guy's before Christmas-- till then BE happy --Be safe and enjoy :-) :-) me

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Hi Jet. Your Christmas witches must not be up yet so I thought I'd get a little word in. I lost my hair with Neurontin. It was quite a surprise. I was washing my hair in the shower and when I looked down to see why the water was at my ankles, I found the drain clogged with my hair. Went to the MD and there as a clockwise circle of broken hairs, which left a bald spot the size of a silver dollar. I'm allergic. That was after one day on it! It grew back, but I had a rooster tail for a while till it grew back. I just thought I'd tell you to be sure to look in the mirror. It happened just at the crown. They did not, however, wean me on to it in small doses. They may be desensitizing you to it. (Which would have been smart with me since I have an allergy list longer than your arm and I warned them.) I have a left inguinal and umbilical hernia too. As long as I can retract them, the anesthesia presents more of a risk than just being darn careful when I put my socks on, so I'm leaving well enough alone concerning them. It's a nuisance pain, isn't it?

So sorry to hear of the good, bad and ugly news from your doctor. I hope the injections were help for pain. 6 shots in the back! was it cortisone? I hope it wasn't from all that shoveling you did with the recent snow you have had. Must be beautiful though. No white x-mas here this year. Not even a little dusting. Rare for the midwest.

I worked for a physiatrist (sports MD) who had a big business with cortisone back injections. However, they only give you 2 a year and reserve 1 more for accident (slip and fall and back is out) so around December if you have only used 2, they will give you the third. These are heavy duty cortisone steriod injections that serious back patients use for pain alleviation. You might ask about it. This doctor just became chairman of the department of physical therapy at North Shore University Hospital. Joseph Alleva, MD He's a real advocate for aqua therapy as well. I think you'll love it if you haven't had it before. Aquatherapy is one of the most helpful therapies I have ever encountered for my own pain. I wish I could have one of those home pools with the treadmill built right in the water so you are treading against water. I think I would just set up house in the thing and tread my days away!

Well Jet, I hope Santa is good to you and that all your cookies got to their destinations on time. A hint of applesauce~ Who taught you that? Grandma? Pretty good idea. Best of Christmas to you. Be safe and be happy.

Smiles, hugs, prayers, and a hearty ho-ho-ho,

(Insert shot of Southern Comfort here)



well hon just finished my last batch-- 12 dozen more for tomorrow----i don't believe the shot were cortisone-- i brought a list from Dc. Bryne to my most trusted DC.Chou--Rhumey a list of about 12 diferent things she was interested in trying-- i will have to find the paper allthough i don't remember just what they were. 2 days sore back but feels much better tonight .i know the gabapentin is a risk , lots of bad side effects !! but the worth ,if it works is , will out weigh the chance --i have discussed it with her and i am willing to take the chance-- like i said it will take 6 weeks to get me up to full dose- i will see her again in 3 weeks -- unless i have a problem , but she gave me her schedule of where she will be all week -every week so i don't have to go thru concord office to reach her- she is only there on Fridays.yes i am taking a risk BUT it is one i am wiling to try- she has never had a patient like me and will fess up to that.but she is willing to learn of aps and thats a major step in the right direction as far as i am concerned. she is working very close with Dc. Chou--{THEY ACTUALLY TALK ] horray.this a hugh step to get the Dc's to do !!!! so i will have to be careful and keep my eyes on alot i know- but if she is right -it will take care of so much !!-- and she is wiling to go to bat for me -- she very intelligent woman- alot on the ball !!althouigh i have only seen her 3 times -- i have a good gut feeling with her.i still think she is still a little unsettled with my personality :-) but in time i can grow on people {kinda like warts }.but so far i am very comfortable- every appt. gets better and better- this is a good thing!!!!!let me see what i can find out about shots ??? Merry Christmas to you and yours - i will get back i promise ----all baked out me :-) PS she said i can have the shots when ever i need them , just call her !!,most they last 2 months --mine about 2 weeks --- me


Hi I have had both neurontin and lyrica......personally prefer the neurontin but have currently been on lyrica for a year and previous to that for 2 years and before that neurontin for a year! I did not have as many side effects with the neurontin but in France they decided lyrica was a better drug for me !! also had my back jabbed but unfortunately they did not work for me so was put in hospital to be stretched!!! then they decided they could not do that as I have metal in my cervical spine!! so now just Lyrica for that and heavy duty pain killers! Hope all goes well for you and have a happy Chrismas .


Oh Cami! Merry Christmas to you! Wow, you have been through the mill of medications. I hope this year is a wonderful year for you and that it presents new goals, new people, new hope and new love for you. You'll be brand spankin' new by the time I'm done with you! HA_HA_HA and a HO-HO-HO! I wanted to wish you the finest of holidays and tell you how much I have enjoyed your company on line. One day, we'll use Skype and I'll be able to see you and talk. Maybe next year. I hope Santa is good to you and Bon Noel~

Smiles, hugs, prayers and a hearty ho-ho-ho,



Hi CanaryDiamond, Merry Christmas to you too!!!! and Thank you for your kind message! I have to enjoyed reading your messages which are always so kind and thoughtful! Have a lovely time and all the best for 2013 lets hope it is a happy healthy one for us all!!!

Pauline x


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